Our Practice
Native Edge, LLC, is a full-service landscape architecture firm specializing in ecologically focused design fit for the 21st century. Our design philosophy is simple — work with nature, not against it. Mimicking the natural environmental processes and native ecology of a site is the first step in unlocking its truest potential, and is the foundation upon which all of our projects are built.  Our mission is to blur the lines between the built and natural environments, and create resilient, innovative places, in harmony with the environmental, social, and economic needs of the area — thus becoming a seamless, integral part of the greater landscape.
Our Focus
  1. Placemaking
    Placemaking is one of the cornerstone practices of Native Edge. Whether it's a residential design or a 1,000 acre master plan, we work closely with our clients, focusing on the historical, social, environmental, and economic issues facing a site to meet and exceed project goals and breathe life into every design.
  2. Native Design
    Native Design
    Native design focuses on mimicking nature, and the natural processes which help mitigate impacts from development on our environment. By utilizing green infrastructure techniques, and implementing native plant materials, we create resilient designs which restore native landscapes and create biodiversity.
  3. Environment
    Our team has a strong background in environmental design and restoration, and offer a variety of environmental services to our clients. Restoring degraded landscapes, or revitalizing existing ones is a key aspect of creating rejuvenating places that humans and critters alike can enjoy.