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Lawn to Prairie Establishment

Sick of wasting time and money endlessly mowing, watering, and fertilizing your lawn?  Replacing part, or all of your existing lawn with a native prairie will have a huge impact on your wallet and the environment.


For far too long the default solution for landscaping large areas has been to create acres and acres of barren, ecologically-poor, expensive, time-wasting, resource-depleting, single species monocultures.  Otherwise known as lawn.

What was once considered a staple of the American dream has become a nightmare for our local ecosystems and is robbing us of our time, money, and health.

Luckily, as we all know only too well, lawn is pretty easy to kill.  And killing your lawn is the first step to creating your very own beautiful native prairie.  

What Exactly is a Prairie?

When we refer to a 'prairie' we mean any native landscape which is installed primarily using a native seed mix.  Prairies come in all shapes and sizes and can be short or tall, prefer wet or dry soils, and have varying levels of species diversity.

The main difference between a prairie, or native seed mix, installation and a standard native garden or landscape, is that prairies are installed primarily using seed, versus plugs or live plants.  That means there is no mulch, and the steps for site preparation and maintenance vary significantly from a native garden.  

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